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Traditional Steam Saunas

When most people think of a sauna they think of the traditional steam sauna. The word ‘sauna’ actually refers to the room itself, and a sauna can in fact be heated by either steam or infrared heaters.The heat within a sauna is generally between 70 and  100°C; in dry heat these temperatures would be unbearable to humans. A steam sauna works by controlling the humidity within the room in order to make the temperatures more bearable and beneficial to humans.The temperature and humidity are controlled by pouring water onto hot stones in shorts bursts which generates thick clouds of steam. The steam then carries heat into the air via advection, which raises the overall air temperature in the sauna. The increase in air temperature and humidity encourages perspiration, boosts circulation and promotes a range of health benefits including detoxification, pain relief and weight control among others.At Sahara Valley all of our steam saunas come fitted with a thermometer and a hygrometer so that you can monitor and control the temperature and the level of humidity within your sauna.