What is Infrared Heat?

Quite simply infrared is the radiation that is produced by all warm objects from the sun or a tiled stove to our bodies. The German born English astronomer and composer, Sir William Herschel discovered in 1800 that the heat given off by the suns radiation increases just beyond the red end of the visible spectrum (the portion of the electromagnetic spectrum that is visible to and can be detected by the human eye). Although we cannot see infra-red radiation, we can feel it and there is no doubt about its effects.

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How does it Work?

Radiation emitted by an infra-red source is absorbed into the skin and the underlying tissue layers. The body's circulatory system then transmits this heat through the entire body. Infra-red is a safe form of long-wave radiation and an excellent way to relax and increase your general sense of well-being without side effects.

Carbon Nano Heater

Features of a 360 Degree Surrounding Health Master include the following:

Organic Carbon Plate, Nanotechnology: Carbon is an important component of human organic ingredients, Sahara Valley Carbon-Nano Spectrum heating plate formed by ultra-small. Nano-carbon powder, by high-temperature pressed with highly insulated PCB circuit materials. It imitates human spectrum, send out 5.6-15 micron far-infrared ray, then perfectly meet with human Bio-wavelength, easily absorbed by the body, and thus have effect of beauty and fitness.

Large heating area, maximum absorption: Scientifically distributed on the heat plate according to the principles of human meridian, 360-degree surrounded radiation, making body full in the shower of far infrared therapy.

Low Surface Temperature, more safe and comfortable: Sahara Valley adopt advanced technology of low-temperature heating, multi-layer PCB packing technology, then bring sense of comfort & security to you beyond the traditional saunas.

Mature Canadian Wood

Canada's cold climate makes wood grows slowly, and has great strength, durability and corrosion resistance. They are the best materials used for sauna production.

Wooden Shelving

It effectively keeps hand and body from touching the heaters directly and therefore keeps you safe and comfortable and it is more artistic.