The Digital Color therapy system
What is a Digital Color therapy system?

Medical arena has been applying colored lights for medical treatment for quite some time, e.g., new born babies,sallowness, jaundice, broken bones, bruises and tumescence are treated with colored lights which many countries have widely utilized for beauty care treatments. A combination of optics, healthy, beauty care and high technology, the Color Therapy Light system is indeed the most up-to-date colored lights to be used for beauty and healthy treatments. For example, Red Color accelerates blood circulation, invigoraters skin structure and slimming cellulites, transforms mental depression to optimism. Blue Color fosters blending of protein and collagen, invigorates skin cells, tightens up skin structures, soothes nerves and relaxes body. Yellow Color upgrades cell oxygenating capability, reactivates microcirculation, skin regeneration, counteracts ageing, improves skin tone and shabbiness. Green Color regulates function of cellular glands, reduces sebaceous secretion, blackheads, pimples and acnes.