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Deluxe Infrared Sauna Range

Deluxe infrared saunas from Sahara Valley are made from 100% red cedar wood producing a very attractive result. We have 1 to 4 person versions of these high end home saunas including corner styles to fit snugly into any room.Infrared saunas are a great way to relax and a proven detox aid. Our bodies naturally expel waste from our bodies through our skin by sweating. By using a sauna we can encourage the production of sweat and so help our bodies flush out more toxins.The deluxe range of infrared saunas features external spot lighting and internal reading lights. Full length glass doors and panels fitted with toughened heat proof let natural light in too and allow you to see out of the sauna.Nano carbon infrared heaters make the cost of a sauna extraordinarily affordable at around 10-20p per session. This is because carbon is highly efficient at converting energy into infrared heat, up to 98% effective.Family and friends will love using your Deluxe infrared sauna- just make sure there’s room for you too!