Home Sauna Units - Premium Quality Saunas For Sale

De-stress, un-wind and relax. Enjoy that Health Spa feeling in your own home with an infrared sauna from Sahara Valley.
Find a home sauna for any lifestyle. Feel the health benefits and increase your sense of well-being.

A full-body sauna experience
At Sahara Valley we specialise in a great range of indoor and outdoor home sauna models, offering safe and precise temperature regulation to meet your exact preferences.
Carbon Nano-heaters replicate the same wavelengths as infrared to generate a 360° field of radiance, creating deep tissue heat that’s fully absorbed into the skin.
Create the perfect sauna environment; adjust the heat, control its intensity and enjoy improved well-being and health.

High-quality saunas for sale
Our home saunas are constructed to the very highest standards. They offer stylish, practical and durable design, ease of assembly and energy efficient operation – so they’re much less expensive than you might think.
We provide the very latest home saunas for both indoor and outdoor enjoyment - find a compact, affordable indoor sauna ideal for one, or choose a larger barrel sauna that’s perfect for relaxing with family and friends.
All our designs are safe, and since you can’t come into direct contact with the heating surfaces inside the sauna, there’s no danger of contact burns.

Choice of woods
Our home saunas are a fantastic compliment to any home, and they’re available in a variety of wood types – including Fir, Canadian Hemlock, Canadian Pine or Canadian Red Cedar wood - so you can choose the wood that best matches your décor, whether its traditional or contemporary.



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