Why Steam Showers Are Ideal For Shaving

Shaving is a pain, it tugs tufts of stubble from your face, is harsh, abrasive and often leaves skin in red-raw condition, it’s no wonder guys are growing beards at the moment to escape the torture of this daily activity.

Steam showers can help if you find shaving painful and often experience discomfort when the blade comes into contact with your skin. As well as being amazing for detoxing, and helping to flush impurities from your body, a steam shower assists your daily shave in these unique ways.

Softens stubble

Let a steam shower heat up to the right temperature and the moment you step into it your stubble will become exposed to the warmth and the humidity, this will create a reaction and your facial hair will become softer so it should be easier to shave.

Helps a razor glide over your skin

Start to shave inside a steam shower and you will notice the blade glides effortlessly over your stubble, there’s less resistance, and the whole experience becomes natural, less strenuous and more relaxed.

Shaving is more comfortable

Due to there being less friction you’ll notice that shaving inside a steam shower is more comfortable than you are used to right now, it might not be a pleasure, but it certainly takes less effort thus resulting in an easier experience.

Steam soothes skin as you shave

The steam generated inside the shower helps to soothe your skin during the shaving process, with less abrasion going on there’s less trauma caused, and this results in a much kinder shave. Standard sink-based shaves are anything but, they often leave your skin irritated afterwards.

Great for all hair types

Steam showers are perfect for shaving facial stubble and they are also ideal for shaving leg or under arm hair. If you really hate the morning shave and get totally fed up with the friction this causes, start shaving inside a steam shower and you’ll soon start to notice and feel the difference.

Enjoy the benefits of shaving with steam, for more details about any of the steam shower products we sell please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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