Home or health club saunas, which one is best?

It’s one of the biggest debates in the steam generated industry, but could you honestly answer whether a home or public health club sauna is best? Both of these options have their own merits, they’re both excellent for a number of health reasons,  but we’re going to fight for the positives of the home sauna market here at Sahara Valley, and we think we’ve got loads of great reasons why your home steam room is perfect.

Okay we’ve got to come clean, we’ve only got five reasons in this list but you have to admit, that’s not a bad start…

No Need to Dress Up

Public saunas can feel kind of awkward. They shouldn’t be, but being British there’s an air of embarrassment about strutting semi-naked into a sauna, coupled to the danger of your wobbly bits openly revealing themselves when you least want them to. Own a home sauna and you don’t have to worry about the dress code, just wear a bathing suit, a towel, or your birthday suit and enjoy all that lovely steam in the privacy of your own home.

Never Busy

Queuing to use a sauna or squeezing into a packed public facility when there’s hardly any room isn’t anyone’s idea of fun. Thankfully this is never an issue when you have your very own sauna at home, you set the time and you choose the steam room schedule to fit in around your arrangements. Let others wait for ages in health spas, your home sauna is never busy and it’s always open for business.

You Set the Temperature

How many debates have you gotten into whilst sat inside a public sauna? Most of the time these debates are about the temperature inside the sauna, some people like it hotter, whilst others simply can’t take the heat.  When you sit inside a sauna at home you set the perfect temperature and the only person you have to answer to is your inner conscience.

Pick Your Own Music

Quiet or loud, how do like to sauna? Sat there in the confines of your very own steam room you can play what you want, when you like, and crank the volume up as loud as you like!

Sauna When You Like

This is probably the greatest reason to own a home sauna. Have one installed at your property and you can enjoy that wonderful feeling of swirly whispers of steam wrapping themselves around your body anytime that you want. It doesn’t matter if you want to sauna at six in the morning or on the dot of midnight, saunas at home can happen 24-7 depending on how you’re feeling.

See, we told you home saunas were best, now all you have to do is buy one from us here at Sahara Valley.

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