Saunas Can Promote Longer Life

The direct health benefits of saunas have long been known and appreciated. From promoting tissue regeneration to stress reduction, routinely taking a sauna will benefit your health tremendously. However, did you know that a direct link between life longevity and saunas has been found? It’s true, taking a sauna will increase your chances of living a longer and more productive life.

A new report published by JAMA Internal Medicine outlines the reasons why we should all invest time in taking a sauna. Researchers at the University of Eastern Finland conducted a twenty year research programme involving approximately 2,300 men and were surprised by their findings.

Each participant was categorised into three groups according to how often they used a sauna each week. On average men spent approximately fourteen minutes per visit baking at 175 degrees Fahrenheit. 49% of men that visited a sauna once a week passed away. Those that visited a sauna two to three times a week saw a decrease percentage fall to 38% and that figure was only 31% for those that visited the sauna four to seven times a week.

The study was uncovered that frequent visits to a sauna promoted lower death rates from strokes and cardiovascular disease. This is undeniable evidence that active sauna use can be a valuable component of a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Dr. Thomas H. Lee, a cardiologist at the Harvard-affiliated Brigham and Women’s Hospital and founding editor of the Harvard Heart Letter stated, ‘the cardiovascular effects of the sauna have been well documented in the past. Lowering blood pressure, there is obvious evidence that saunas are good for the blood vessels.’

Earlier studies have shown that regular sauna bathing greatly benefit those at risk of heart disease, high cholesterol and blood pressure and diabetes. Considered perfectly safe for anyone with mild heart conditions, saunas are not recommended for those with unstable angina or have suffered from a recent heart attack.

Researchers were quick to state that the unique properties of Finnish saunas elevated them above standard steam rooms and hot tubs. With wood-lining and being heated with a stove top and stones, the air inside the sauna creations for such healing benefits.

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