What Arnie Would Say in a Sauna!

The Termintor is back, and fans of Arnie think this is brilliant news. He’s reprised his original role as the T-800 robot and you can bet cash for cinema tickets will exchange hands quicker than you can say, “Hasta la vista baby” on the opening weekend.

Just for fun, and to celebrate the return of Arnie in the Teminator role, we thought it would be quirky to think of some of the classic lines the big man might use when taking a sauna.

Read our list and see if you can think of any other quotes that might be apt!

“I eat Green Berets for breakfast”

These immortal words are taken from the film Commando.  However, we wouldn’t recommend eating Green Berets or any other hearty meal prior to stepping into a sauna. It’s best to eat a light snack if you feel hungry, or better still, drink a glass or two of water prior to stepping into the steam and top up with plenty of water afterwards

“Let off some steam, Bennett”

Another line from Commando, delivered straight after Arnold’s character has just dispatched one of the bad guys by impaling him to a pressurised tank, using a pipe he’s just ripped off the wall! Arnie would certainly let off steam inside a sauna, and more than likely, be surrounded by the stuff.

“Your clothes, give them to me, now”

Taken from the original Terminator movie, this is another classic Arnie quote.  It’s wise to remove your clothes prior to entering a sauna. Slip a towel around you for modesty when using a public facility, one thing is for sure, this isn’t the place to layer up.

“You blew my cover!”

Total Recall this time, and another brilliant film from Arnie’s heyday. He wouldn’t be impressed if you blew his cover inside a sauna though. In most instances, the only thing that’s covering you is a towel!

“I’ll be back”

Probably one of Arnie’s most infamous lines and taken from the original Terminator film. You can imagine him muttering these words after leaving a sauna, once you’ve tried one, you’ll want to come back for more.

Hope you enjoy the new Terminator Genisys release and should you require advice about saunas, whether you’re Arnie or not, don’t hesitate to contact us here at Sahara Valley.

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