Saunas are Sexy – We have the evidence

Saunas and sex, is that a great combination? Use a sauna and you’ll be hot, sweating and your heart will be racing, get intimate with your partner, and you could argue, you experience the same sensation!

Can you class a sauna as sexy though? Your initial thoughts might be no, however, the more you understand a sauna the quicker you realise, they are actually great for romance, and by spending time in a steam or a infrared sauna, this could do your love life the world of good.

Not convinced?

Look at the evidence and see why saunas are sexy.

You’re less stressed

Romance is the last thing on your mind when you feel stressed. Overworked and overtired, it’s hard to feel romantic if you arrive home late in the evening after a horrendous commute. Take a sauna to unwind and things could be a little different. Stress has a negative impact, it darkens the mood, a sauna could be just the tonic you need to relax a little and put you in the mood for love.

You move easier

Saunas are good for relaxing muscles and soothing aches and pains. Stiff joints aren’t sexy, so take a sauna and feel your body unwind. You’ll start to feel healthier in the heat of the sauna, you’ll gradually notice aches disappear, and you’ll move with greater freedom, which means there’s more chance for romance afterwards.

You look and feel better

Saunas are a great way to flush toxins from the body. They help to purify the skin, clear blemishes and clean bacteria out of pores. Regular sauna usage makes you feel great, you look amazing, feel on top of the world, and that’s a real confidence boost if you are looking for love at the moment.

You’re trim and feel fit

The heat inside a sauna makes you sweat. Saunas also increase cardiovascular activity, they help to burn calories and this can result in weight loss, which could be good for self-assurance if you have been worried about weight for quite a while. Diet, workout and use a sauna to assist with calorie burn, you’ll look svelte and feel sexy at the same time.

Want to feel sexy in 2015?

Use saunas, all that sensual steam could do wonders for your love life!

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